Welcome Back to Station North!

Artscape photo © Edward Weiss for the Central Baltimore Partnership

Back in 2021, our Station North Arts and Entertainment District came through one of the most difficult winters in our nation’s history with flying colors, winning a coveted top five slot in USA Today’s annual poll of America’s Best Arts Districts, in the Spring.

Almost a year later, in 2022, after a (perhaps) even more difficult winter, we are presenting this video (scroll down) to celebrate the fact that the district once again has come through with flying colors. And, also to remind some of you of what you have been missing.

We want to welcome everyone back. It’s almost spring, many outdoor activities will be returning soon, and, at least for now, medical officials are optimistic about a more normal spring in regards to personal choices about gathering indoors. We are even more in awe of the resilience of the people who make the Station North North Arts District what it is, than we were a year ago, and proud to contribute to it with our Station North Arts District Program. See you there!

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